Cedia Communications, 2018

Cedia Communications, 2018

Tessuto was first introduced to Mosaic by one of our high-end, residential developer clients. Up to that point, we had worked with various technology integrators, and had mixed experiences with them.

For most projects, we would introduce an AV consultant to our clients, but often it became an exercise in seeing how much expensive “stuff” the consultant could sell them, without any sensitivity to the client’s needs or reference to the overall design brief.

After this, working with Mosaic was like a breath of fresh air. I think the clue is in their company name — they see technology as a part of the design, to be seamlessly integrated into the whole client experience.

As a practice, Tessuto has always been passionate about embracing new technology, as we believe it can really enhance the end user’s enjoyment of their built environment. We recognise that technology moves at such a pace that it is essential to bring in an expert at the earliest possible point in the project to advise on the latest industry advances. I have been designing long enough to remember a time when “patch panels” were considered a cool idea — and look where we are now!

We always try and bring Mosaic on board in the very early stages of the project. We generally give them the design brief and then set up a client meeting to introduce them and discuss what the client knows they want, and what else might be possible. Often at this stage, beyond the obvious TV points in each room, the clients have no idea what can be achieved, so we go through each system in the property and talk about the pros and cons of automating each. We like to go beyond just AV in this initial meeting, so we discuss lighting control, heating and cooling, security, building management systems, and the all-important user interface.

Mosaic slots easily into Tessuto’s professional project teams. They work with us and with the M&E specialists on and off site to ensure that all drawings are fully coordinated. This is especially important when allocating space for plant rooms, service routes, and other back of house areas.

Clients need to make their spaces work hard and Mosaic is sensitive to this, but as a design practice, Tessuto is realistic about how much space the kit requires, so between us, we effectively manage the client’s expectations in this regard.

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